What to Put in Your Wedding Day Beauty Kit

When you start pulling everything together that you’ll need for your wedding day, putting together a beauty kit is a very important step. You want to stay looking your best at your wedding, so bringing along some beauty items just in case you have a problem can be incredibly handy when you’re in a pinch. Additionally, this kit cans serve as your emergency kit for anything that may pop up during your wedding; whether it’s related to how you look or not. Though each person will want different items in their wedding day beauty kit, here are some must-have items that every bride should have access to on her big day.


This one should go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how often a bride leaves something really important at home. Not only do you need to have nail polish, mascara, and other beauty staples, you need to make sure they are the same ones that you’ll be wearing on your wedding day. If you chip a nail, you want to be able to fix the chip with a nail polish that matches perfectly. By bring along all of your makeup, whether it’s the big bottles or travel size bottles, you can fix any beauty issue that might pop up during your wedding.

Cotton Swabs and Pads

Though you’ll have all of your makeup along with you, there’s still a need for items like cotton swabs and pads. There are dozens of reasons that one or both of these items may come in handy at your wedding, but for the makeup factor alone they should be included in your kit. Whether you’re applying some fresh makeup or you’re fixing mascara runs from your tears of joy, every wedding day beauty kit should include cotton swabs and pads.

Pain Relievers and Anti-Biotic Gel

Whether it’s from sore feet or you are just prone to getting headaches, having the necessary pain relievers along with you can be a real lifesaver. There’s nothing worse than dealing with pain while you’re trying to enjoy your wedding, so having a couple pain relievers to take can get you back dancing in no time. Also, having some anti-biotic gel or ointment on hand can help you treat other type of injuries that may occur during your ceremony or reception. If you accidentally get a small burn from people using sparklers carelessly, you can easily stop the pain with a dab of the ointment. If you get a small cut or sore on your heel from too much dancing, some gel can easily prevent infection.


Certified Organic Honey Facial Cleanser

organichoneyCertified Organic Honey Facial Cleanser can easily minimize the Pores by making the Skin Hydrated and soft by Reducing Fine Lines. At the same time, it is also a Mild Anti-Septic to Help Prevent Blemishes and Keep Your Complexion Radiant and Beautiful – Swiss Botany 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The main benefits of Certified Organic Honey Facial Cleanser are:

  • Honey is commonly stacked with vital vitamins and minerals that can profit your body when taken inside and increment the wellbeing of your skin when applied topically. Nectar is loaded with iron, vitamin B, calcium, potassium and magnesium, in addition to different supplements. Numerous antiquated societies have utilized nectar as a topical skin medicine. As indicated by the Benefits of Honey site, Cleopatra utilized nectar as a feature of her healthy skin standard to keep a young appearance.

  • The common proteins in the nectar respond to make hydrogen peroxide, which works as mellow germ-free, making nectar an immaculate characteristic facial cleaning agent. Nectar is commonly saturating, permitting you to utilize unadulterated nectar as a skin cleaning agent to get your skin clean without stripping endlessly common oils and over-drying.

  • Honey’s ph level is near your skin’s regular ph level. Numerous customary skin chemicals are more acidic, which can disturb the common corrosive adjust on your skin, prompting disturbance and contamination. Nectar is regularly gently acidic, which makes it a great skin cleaning agent for fighting bacterial and parasitic development.

  • According to the National Honey Board, nectar has cancer prevention agent properties and can ensure your skin from sun harm created by destructive ultraviolet daylight when connected topically. Nectar is a capable antimicrobial, and purifying your face with nectar can diminish the development of microbes on your skin. Counting nectar in your skin purifying routine offers a lot of profits while keeping up your skin’s ph level and keeping skin hydrated.

  • Keep your skin hydrated with the help of this great product from Swiss Botany

This is really is a great honey facial cleanser by which excess oils, dirt and makeup from your skin will be disintegrated into the natural oil. Wiping the cleaning agent from your face with a warm soggy wash material evacuates the over abundance of oils while leaving your skin saturated and adapted. It fortifies your skin’s imperativeness with an invigorating amount of vitamins and minerals, while serving to “revive” cells under the surface of the skin, uncovering revitalized, brilliantly solid looking skin.

Cleaning agents are generally grating. They dry out the skin and have a tendency to get kindled, and after that spread other skin issues one may have. Certified Organic Honey Facial Cleanser scrubs & saturates, leaving your skin plush, delicate, clean and revived. Cosmetics Removers are critical for the wellbeing of your skin to keep your pores free of aggravations and fortify new cell development while you rest. Certified Organic Honey Facial Cleanser is delicate enough for the sensitive skin around your eyes, and is not difficult to utilize. It leaves your skin clean and delicate.

Why Japanese Hairdressers Are Better

Beauty is taken very seriously in Japan; any Japanese hairdresser or salon professional who wants to be taken seriously must be properly trained and they must always do a good job. That is why if you have Asian hair or straight hair as it is otherwise called, you are much better off going to a Japanese hairdresser. Here are some of the reasons why they are known as the best hairdressers in the world.

Japan Mountain View

Japanese have the best customer service – source

1. Japanese hairdressers are very precise
Traditionally, the Japanese culture favors precision. For everything they make, they strive to do a perfect job. This same culture is adopted by their hairdressers in everything they do. Whether you are just looking for a shampoo, color or you want an entirely new look, you can be sure that a Japanese hairdresser will give you the attention to detail that you deserve. You don’t have to worry any more about getting a haircut that isn’t clean cut or a botched color job.

2. Japanese hairdressers have a strong focus on customer service
In Japan, customers are sacred and they receive excellent service. Again, this stems from their culture. They understand that without your business they will not exist. This makes them one of the most customer-centric hairdressers in the world. When you visit them, they pay attention as you explain so that they can understand your expectations. Once the job is done, they will ask you whether you are satisfied and whether you would like anything changed. If you have a complaint, you don’t have to ask twice; they will fix whatever you are unhappy with. Using Japanese hairdressers is a guarantee that you will be treated well.

3. Japanese hairdressers are even better when abroad
There are many Japanese hairdresser who retrain in London at Vidal Sassoon and mix their skills to become masters of both world. That’s why some Japanese hairdressers in London are considered the best.

4. Japanese hairdressers are well trained
You always want the person who is doing your hair to be well trained and to attend continuous education. Just going to hairdressing school is not enough; you want someone who goes for additional training from time to time so that they can learn of advances in the industry. This is something that Japanese hairdresser are very keen to do. They invest money in making sure that they know all there is to know about Asian hair and they use the education that they pick up to make their clients take better care of their hair.

You don’t have to worry about having a bad hair day anymore; look for a Japanese hairdresser in your area today.

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Fitness & Weight Loss in Thailand at Phuket Fit

kettlebellswingPhuket Fit makes fitness and weight loss in Thailand more possible as this wellness center is more than just machines and gym facilities but also more options and guidelines in leading men and women to a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

Phuket Fit and its Special Weight Loss Program
There have been various positive feedback and reviews regarding Phuket Fit’s special weight loss program and it was coined to be “transformational,” “incredible” and also “very rewarding.” And it is no ordinary weight loss program that would require one to stay the whole day in the gym trying to stretch some muscles – Phuket Fit and its weight loss program actually gives a massive facelift with regard to fitness in Thailand as it opened the probability of detox as means in pursuit of a fitter lifestyle.

Phuket Fit programs were claimed to be the healthiest solution in getting one in shape and learning to stay that way. Phuket Fit believes that it is nobody’s fault to be obese and nobody would like to stay that way forever that is why with the help of physical training, proper nutrition and good education – their group of professionals will be able to help them lose a substantial amount of weight as long as they stay dedicated to the routine and lifestyle.

What is Special in Phuket Fit Weight Loss Programs
Phuket Fit believes and understands the fact that each and everyone of those who would like to lose their weight have different scenarios and stories that is why they are all supporting their customers and their trainees with the help of their customized guidelines that would help one achieve their own goal and their own targets – as driven by their own inspirations.

Phuket Fit weight loss program kicks off in a 1-on-1 session that would hold a personal program evaluation that would help trainees be focused in attaining goals and setting inspirations.
Phuket Fit also claims that their weight loss program is not just for anyone who would like to be fit but for those who are tired of living in their overweight bodies and lead a life differently.

Detox as Part of the Fitness Program
Stress triggers numerous diseases and Phuket Fit believes that to be able to kick off a new start, one must be able to fight with stress and detox in Thailand. To have a fresher and cleansed body and mind, there are numerous ways: full fast detox, raw food cleanse and juice fast.
With the help of the detox staff of Phuket Fit, one will know the treatments and the fasting needed to be done specifically for their body condition. Dedicated detox staff are available for consultation to first identify the needs of every client. Toxins can be eliminated through cleansing herbs, drinks (such as young coconut juice), dietary supplements, liver flush, vegetable broth and yoga classes.

Phuket Fit in Thailand The Mind and Body Cleanse
As Phuket Fit aims for a holistic experience, detox process simultaneously includes other fitness programs such as Muay Thai classes, TRX suspension classes, morning beach camp, meditation classes, daily traditional oil massage, yoga breathwork, access to air-conditioned gym, daily herbal sauna and daily Pro-biotic.

About Phuket Fit:
Phuket Fit is a fitness and wellness center in Rawai, Phuket, Thailand that composed of groups of specialists in specific fields of health and wellness that supports their customers in leading a new life with a fitter, cleansed and healthier body and mind.

Nail art designing and caring

People don’t notice normal things; you have to be creative to get people’s attention. When you see someone’s nail art then it seems quite complex, but actually it is not. You need to learn step by step about nail art designing. You can follow below mentioned steps –

1.In the beginning, make sure you are having all essential things, these are UV lamp, Brushes, nail oil, nail art on paper, cleaners, task light, buffers, glitter powder etc.

2. Use Cuticle remover to remove cuticles and remove old gel or paint with a file.

3. Use UV light to harden your nail.

4.  Now apply the color Gel on your whole finger nail and keep it in UV light for 5 minutes.

5.  Now in next step, apply the builder and make sure gel does not reach to the cuticle. Use wooden stick to clean the edges.  To protect with light keep your hand in light curing unit and let the gel be dry.

6.  Clean the builder gel, once you get done with curing. You can shape according as curvy or bow shape of nail paint looks nice.

7.  In final step, Use buffer for smoothening. There should not be gel on the nail edges. Use a fine file for nail edges.


After all these above steps it comes to nail art designing. 1mm-2mm size of Gemstones is used commonly. What to say about availability of gemstones. In many colors gemstones are available like blue, black, red, pink, white, green, yellow etc. Use of Stone depends on nail gel. Here is an example of turquoise nail art by using turquoise cabochons.  Sometimes Girls use the nail art of exactly same as gemstones jewelry they are wearing.


It seems great. You can source Gemstones online and make your own fashion.  This is called gemstones nail art. Generally people use Gemstone Cabochons in nail art, because of low prices and easy to glue.

The benefits of IPL technology?

Treatments like Shaving, waxing, electrolysis can be very painfull an cumbersome, and they can lead to alot of dinscomfor and many other provblems like skin irritations.

Waxing and elextrolysis can be very paninfull for some people in particular. Not many can accept the reapeaten procedures of this treatments, thats why it can be limited expirience and the result is bad for the business of the salons and it can have adverse effects on humans.


Thats is why alot of professionals highly recommend IPL – intense pulsed light technology treatments. They are significantly better, they are more confortable and there is no skin irritation whatsoever. The skin of the patients, home users etc. is cooled by the hand piece, which keeprs surface of the skin very confortable through the procedures. Not just that it is also “permanent”. If used right people get the best results out of it. The Insense light IPL, has specific fast waves of light, that heats the surface bellow the skin, and it compromises the hair and bodys ability to regrow the hair that was treated. Long and permanent results, with no irritations and pain. Home products like Remington IPL6000, are used few times, but you see alredy the results 2 weeks after the treatment. You just have to repeat the process to get a lasting and permanent result. The IPL`s 6000 i-light technology hand pieces enable fast and effective treatment, with no discomfort or post treatment pain.

The IPL systems (also known as sistema luce pulsata) are for men, women and children..for anyone. You can epilate legs, groin, stomach, chest, back, underarms, arms. Some special protection is advised if you are using the system around the eyes. These new home systems are so advanced that you can do it easily at your own home. Ussualy you have to shave the treated area and then start using the pulsed light. You can epilate your legs in less than 30minutes. After the tratments you can still shave how many times you want.

IPL systems also scan you skin tone and hair color and are different for each one of them. Some hair might neeed more treatments that others but they can be effective on all of them.

Newspaper nails without alcohol

English: Woman with nails painted

English: Woman with nails painted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many women wonder that how it is possible to do newspaper nails without using alcohol. Well! It is so simple because there are many other things that you may use instead of alcohol. If you are between 21 or even 18, you can do newspaper nails. This article is a complete guide for you if you want to learn about newspaper nails without using alcohol.

Things you will need

  • Nail polish of any light color
  • Top coat which should be clear, you can choose Seche Vite Sry Fast for top coat
  • Water (use instead of rubbing alcohol)
  • Newspaper for nail designing


First of all, use usual fashion for painting your nail. In case you buff your nails, you can apply base coat then apply any light color nail polish that you like to show as a base color. Make sure that you chose light or clear color as it will affects greatly when you will apply newspaper on it. White nail polish looks junky and use thinner coat in order to make it more manageable. Now let your nails to dry completely so you can start next process. Give some time to your work and you will see best results.

Next take a newspaper and cut in small pieces with nail size. Take a small bowl and place your liquid in it. Put your nails in it for 3 to 7 seconds. Immediately put newspaper on your nails and then press it gently. More pressure you will apply on your nail, the darker newspaper print you will get. Keep pressing for 10 to 15 seconds and do not move it once you applied otherwise, printing text will not visible. Now it is the time to peel off newspaper from your nails and you will see your words. Let your nails to dry again for 15 minutes.

If the words are too light then you can reapply new print. Dip cotton ball in water and rub the words gently to remove them. Apply newspaper again to see if it fits. Once your nails have dried, check the result and apply final top coat on it. Give some time to top coat to let it dry completely for 15 minutes. Finally your nails are ready with newspaper art without using alcohol. Please note, that anything wet can easily transfer print to your nails so it is not necessary to use alcohol.


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Scarprin reviews

Very minor scarring from a moderately deep cut...

Very minor scarring from a moderately deep cut to the upper forearm, approximately a year after the wound. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of us have scars. The problem is when they are visible. These unaesthetic marks usually stay with us for all our lives. There are some solutions to this problem but most of them are just temporary. Makeup is one; covering scars with makeup is one of the most common solutions to scars, mainly when they are visible. That was until Scarprin was discovered. Scarprin may appear similar to all the other scar treatment products. That is until you’ve tried it. I was skeptical when I read the Scarprin reviews. Its gel texture seemed too familiar from all the products I’ve tried. The reviews looked to good to be true, so I decided to try it. The fact is that Scarprin is the most efficient silicone scar treatment out there. First off al you have to conceder that it forms a barrier over the scar protecting it. Scarprin also allows moisture to be retained so the scar would heal faster.

When I read the Scarprin reviews I noticed people were talking about the silicone texture and after getting more information I realized I was actually medical-grade silicone. This is the kind of silicone that was proven on multiple occasions to be an efficient scar treatment. There are many scar treatment that use silicone but not as a gel. Scarprin actually uses gel that allows you to cover the scar using only a few drops. Other products that use pads are not as good mainly because the silicone is not applied directly on the scar. Plus with this product you can move freely and have more flexibility, the barrier adapting to any movement and keeping contact with the car at all-time. Using it made my scars fade away to the point they’re almost invisible. It regenerated my skin fast and cheap.

I’m writing this article after using this product myself and getting amazing results. My skin looks and feels great, without losing elasticity or even changing color where the scar used to be. After reading all the Scarprin reviews, I’m starting to feel like I’m not the only person this product had helped. I haven’t read one bad review yet and actually my own dermatologist recommended it. So there are two things possible here, one the product is a miracle worker when it comes to scars and two, the company that makes it, is spending a lot of money for good publicity, which makes me lucky because it works on me. I believe that this is truly an extraordinary breakthrough in dermatology and that this product will help a lot of people with they’re scar problem.

The bottom line is that Scarprin is an amazing product that heals scars, leaving you with a perfect skin and, while using it you have flexibility in movement. It’s a product that uses medical silicone that dries fast and it doesn’t stain your clothes. It’s almost invisible wile you wear it and, leaves your skin scar free and elastic. Hope this product helps you as much as it did me.

More info at www.scarprin.com

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Pointed Acrylic Nails


Nail Art

Nail Art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautiful nails were an obsession in ancient China. It is said that the mandarins (men and women) considered long nails a sign of wealth and welfare. Long nails symbolized the fact that they couldn’t have been regular workers.

Times had changed and now everybody can have beautiful hands and nails without spending too much time or money, and also adapt them to their own style.

Pointed Acrylic nails or natural?

This depends how much do you take care of your hands and if you have time to get a manicure twice a month. Because of time and cost not everybody can afford it twice a month. People that have time and money can make a manicure appointment every week and their nails will look as good as people that choose acrylic nails. The pointed acrylic nails are very popular right now. These had bed for a long time. You can do French tip, colored, glitter, rainbow, anything that comes through your mind. Pointed acrylic nails will make you look exotic and fascinating in everybody’s eyes.

The good news about acrylic nails is that you can make them look natural. You can use “pink and white”, with the pink matching your natural color. These cost a little more but are worth every penny because they look just like real nails. If you like them to look more natural don’t buy square nails! In fact try to buy them as close as you can to your natural nail shape. You can choose various types of shapes depending on what looks best on you. Pointed acrylic nails, oval, a little squared, depends on what your tastes are. You can also chose the color that fits you best and remember you can always change it. Adding just colors or a model, some people take nail painting to the next level transforming it into art. Pointed acrylic nails are the best worksheet for these artists. The shape of the nail combines with the model and colors adding to your style a plus of wonder and extravagance.

You should always go to a professional when applying acrylic nails. One way to know if your nail artist is a professional or not is by the way he does it. It’s not supposed to hurt at all, so if your manicurist is hurting you just stand up and go. Remember that the procedure is not done right you may get an infection or worse. When applying pointed acrylic nails is even harder because they have to fit perfectly. If they don’t water can get under the gel and deform your natural nail. When you go to a salon for manicure, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Also ask them about nail styles: Pointed acrylic nails, Oval acrylic nails, Square nails, he might have an opinion to what fits you best. Of course the choice is yours but it doesn’t heart to have a second opinion.

Whether you decide to make your own manicure, or go to a salon don t forget that beautiful nails never go out of style.

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Cheetah Acrylic Nails

Sebastian Ballesteros by Phil Jimenez from Won...

Sebastian Ballesteros by Phil Jimenez from Wonder Woman #171 (August 2001) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year brings us lots of new trends and also some revitalized old ones. I don’t know if it’s about the 2012 end of the world hysteria, or what, but designers have outdone themselves bringing to life new and polishing up old designs. You can feel it in every department; even nail specialists are giving us diversity from which to choose. If you don’t believe me just look at the new designs, cheetah acrylic nails, zebra, rainbow, everything is about color.

At the Ruffian presentation the famous Yuna Park decorated the models nails using a fresh design, mostly inspired by the animal world. Zebras and tigers everywhere, not to mention the cheetah acrylic nails. At the end of the presentation, she changed the tone using racing stripes and strong, cold colors that you would see on racing cars.

The team chosen for manicure at the Zac Posen collection was Essie’s. They used a classic look with long natural looking nails. The colors were simple, nude red, pink nothing to obvious, which was in tone with the whole presentation.

At the presentation of Joy Cioci, the stylists from CND made complex miniature paintings, cheetah acrylic and simple monochrome lance nails.

If it were after me the wildlife nails couldn’t have returned sooner. And now with acrylic they look better than ever. The way that colors combine and melt one in other is magical. Take for example cheetah acrylic nails, depending on the artist, it uses four to eight different color gels, combining them to look perfect and applying them to look fantastic.

Maybe you are not happy with your nails just the way they are, you think about how much they exfoliate or how do you feel when they break just when you got them to the same size. Are you tired of that happening? Maybe it’s time for you to try the artificial solution. Acrylic nails are the perfect solution for nail-biters or whatever is the problem growing them on your own. If they are applied and removed accordingly, acrylic nails won’t affect your nail texture. However don’t expect to improve their current condition. But if you want a change or you are just feeling wild there is nothing wrong with acrylic nails. My personal favorite is cheetah acrylic nails; they just look so sexy and wild at the same time. The cheetah acrylic nails go with many outfits and stiles. There is nothing wrong with trying fake nails, who knows you might enjoy them and it may become a habit just like dying your hair.

Manicure for most women represents a detail of their own personality, which requires full attention. Every woman has her own personality that she needs to express in all the aspects of her life. You might not always get the perfect nails you desire, most of the time incidents may appear that hurt them: exfoliation, breaking easily or trouble growing them. Remember that acrylic nails are always there for when natural manicure dose not satisfy you.

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Glitter French Manicure

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 13:  Handbag/ finger n...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

A Manifestation of Creativity At Its Apex!

Glitter French manicure is the mother of delightful nails. It’s a manicure that leads while the rest follow. Although it is a new manicure, one must acknowledge that new brooms sweep cleanest. In this regard, French glitter manicure is not only amazing, but awesome.

Have you ever wondered how you can spend your time indoors when the weather outside is frightful? If you have not, allow me to give you some insightful ideas. Every time the weather is dreary, never spend your time building castles in the air, but rather spend that precious time to make your nails look great. Not only will you derive fulfillment from the noble course, but you will have something to show for that time.

During winter, women do not create simple nail designs. Fortunately, there are numerous fun designs that would give your nails an amazing look. For example, a play with the glitter French manicure using monochromatic colors will make you celebrate the winter season with good cheer.  Once you choose to be the goddess of lovely nails with this famous French manicure, there are three distinct differences you will note. These are the qualities that make it a manicure that is eminent beyond comparison.

First is the use of color. The glitter French manicure gives one’s nails a natural look that is unrivalled. A good example is when one is using the monochromatic blues to decorate her nails with the winter blues. First she would use the ocean blue as the base. The nail tip would look amazing with a cotton candy blue. However, if it is difficult to find the cotton candy blue, never hesitate to use the all time amazing baby blue.

The other unique quality of the glitter French manicure is the line dividing the nail base from the nail tip. More often than not, if one intends to make use of this line, the ideal color for a French manicure is silver. However, for a glitter manicure, one can use a blue glitter nail polish. The trick would to first draw a white line, and thereafter go over it with the blue glitter. Remember, if you fail to draw a white line, it would be impossible for the blue glitter to show up if applied on the blue nail polish.

The third and most amazing unique quality of the glitter French manicure is the angle of the glitter line. Often times, this manicure has a slightly curved or straight line to it. However, the line is angled clearly and it is on the left of the nail. Additionally, one has to draw the angled line first before application of other polishes.

There is no doubt that bold glittery nails have taken the front seats. Besides the monochromatic colors of blue, one may also opt for gold, pink and orange colors. Not only do they cover the imperfections on your nails, but you will love it. Glittery French manicure is a manifestation of creativity at its apex.

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French Manicure Designs

Manicure, Day 1

Manicure, Day 1 (Photo credit: kpwerker)

Whether you are in America, Europe, Asia or Africa, you will agree that French Manicure Designs are a popular fashion trend among ladies of all ages. With so many designs to choose from, one can ask for advice from her girlfriends, relatives, and check up the latest designs on the Internet as well as on fashion magazines, among other reliable sources. Similarly, you could seek professional help you’re your manicurist of choice. As such, choosing the right French Manicure Designs should be no daunting task for any lady out there.

Thanks to their universal application, the French Manicure Designs have found favor among ladies from all walks of life. These designs will look always look great irrespective of whether you are in causal ware, official wear or just relaxing out on the beach. However, it is always good to seek professional help so as to have the best manicure design for every event.

A perfect choice among the many French Manicure Designs is the classic manicure. For this design to offer the best results, it should be done by an expert manicurist who applies the base coat, mostly a nude or light pink one. A white finish is done on the hint of the fingernails to give you that youthful feel. If you want to add some more designs to the nails, you could always choose from the many designs, but always keep it simple. The manicurist will show you different styles to choose from and will use the modern airbrush to create the design on all your nails in a stunning pattern. On other occasions, the manicurist will use a stencil to shade the patterns and designs that you wish on your nails. Popular choices include flowers, national flag colors, hearts, palm trees, as well as letter initials.

Unlike some years ago when you had to make your way to a salon to have your manicure, today there are mobile salons with professional manicurists that offer the latest French Manicure Designs. However, it is always important to ensure that your salon of choice is equipped with the latest accessories necessary for that perfect manicure. The staff should be professionals ready to offer great value for your money. A modern salon should have the different types of airbrushes so as to give your nails that perfect smooth sensation.

If you have seen a lady with sparkling nails, then you have seen one of the different French Manicure Designs. This is a popular fashion trend where the manicurist applies tiny gems and other sparkling stones on the client’s nails, either singly or following a particular design using special nail glue and a clear top coat is them applied to keep them firm on the nails. Another one of the many French Manicure Designs is the nail tattoos which involves selecting a design which is printed on a sticky paper and rubbed against your nails. With French Manicure Designs, you are always assured of great looks and a sense of class.

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Hello Kitty Acrylic Nail Designs

TOKYO - NOVEMBER 30:  A nail artist shows her ...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Women love taking care of their nails. For most of us, it is not just about fashion, but also a way to express our personalities. Hello kitty, a popular cartoon character of the 1970’s, has received massive acclaim, especially among teenagers. I guess nothing beats a cute looking kitten, with a pink bow on its right ear. For huge fans of hello kitty, there is no better way to express their love for the character than a set of hello kitty acrylic nails. Here are some hello kitty acrylic nail designs, to match that passion:

Hello kitty Nail Decals

You can buy various hello kitty nail decals in salons, beauty shops and over the internet. They are very simple to apply. All you have to do is apply some polish on your nails and stick your desired decal firmly on the nail. You should smooth out the edges to remove bubbles under the decal. However, this can result in the decal slipping off. Make sure to apply a clear coat top over the nail, to seal and protect the decal.

Hello Kitty Acrylic Nails

These types of nails are artificially made and come in several colors and patterns. They are cool because you can create a multilevel hello kitty design with them. For instance, you can apply a white acrylic portion, to create a head, then pink acrylic to create the bow.  Then add the whiskers, eyes and nose with a black pen. The benefits of putting on these acrylic nails is the design will not smudge or change, as long as the nail stays put. This ensures that they can stay for longer, saving you the hustle and cost of having to redo them, ever so often.

Hello Kitty Nails Pin-Striping Paint

This technique is very similar to using a nail polish, except that it uses a very thin brush to draw fine lines on nails. To come up with a hello kitty design, all you have to do is draw an outline of a hello kitty head and bow on your polished nails. Alternatively, you could draw simple hello kitty face on the tips on the nails, achieving a French manicure type of design.

Hello Kitty Acrylic Nails 3D Design

Forget the movies; this is what you really can call “3D”. You can either make them yourself (if you are an artistic type of person) or buy them online. Either, they are way too cool for words.

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Angry Birds Nail Art

Angry BirdsWhen it comes to decorating their nails, girls can be very particular about the style and design they want to use. This is because nails are just about pretty colors; they are an extension of our personality, showing our interest and the way we want to be viewed by the world. Perhaps this would explain the growing fad among teenage girls to decorate their nails with angry bird art work, commonly known as angry bird nail art.

If you have been living under a rock or a cave somewhere, angry birds is an iPhone based video game, which has witnessed meteoritic success among the tech savvy groups. It has developed a huge fan base in the process, which has sought to express their passion for the game in different ways. For us girls, there is not better, appealing and more personalized way to express our love of the game (while remaining hip and fashionable in the process), than sporting a set painted nails, using angry bird nail art.

Plus, if you really want to stand out in a crowd, with new fashionable look, then angry bird nail art could be the thing for you .There are a number of colorful designs, which you can easily apply at home. You can either choose to paint them on manually, or to buy custom made nails. Either way, the choice is yours.

While choosing angry bird nail art, some people prefer to be bold and draw the actual characters on the nails, while other prefer a more conservative approach and just paint the colors. In my opinion, the most captivating designs are floating birds characters.  They are very simple to apply, all you have to do is to apply a foundation liquid on your nails and stick your preferred bird on your nails. If done properly, this design can hold up for a week or more.

You can also use fake nails and stickers, to get them same effect, though on a more temporary basis. For the really fastidious type of people, a nail artist may just be the way to go. They are better placed to prime and do the art work on your nails. Plus they can come up with very innovative designs for your nails. However, you should be ready to pay a higher cost, for such specialized services.

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Shellac and Gelish Nail Care

Pink nail polish.

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What is Shellac and Gelish Nail Care?

Fashion and style together are an important parts of every woman’s life. However, fashion is part of people’s life in general and everyone strives towards fashion. Everyone wants to be fashionable and attractive. Women apply fashion even to their nails. Shellac and gelish nail care manicure are fashionable trends lately. These styles make beautiful nails to last longer. They are very similar styles of manicure that include similar procedure. However, women have choice, whether to choose shellac or gelish nail care, it depends on them.

Shellac is a nail style that treats the nail with traditional treatment and has long lasting results. The polish lasts for two weeks. The polish makes nails hard to break and resistible to starches and wearing. Also there is always applied a crème that protects the gel itself. It can be in different colors. Ladies have to choose of the palette of colors.

Before applying shellac manicure to the nails, it is good to have the regular manicure done. It will stress the natural beauty of nails and gives them additional flexibility.
After the regular manicure, a shellac nail gel polish is placed over the nail layer by layer. After polish is placed over the nails of the one hand, they go in a special UV lamp that helps the el to dry more quickly. Nails remain in the lamp for thirteen seconds and the polish is completely dried.

Usually, after the polish dries, there should be applied nail oil for protection of the nails and the polish in good condition. Some women, besides applying the nail and cuticle oil, keep wearing gloves while doing some household work with the hands, for greater protection of the shining shellac nails.

Gelish style is very similar to Shellac style. They both have the same characteristic, they are starch resistible. They both use specialized UV lamp to dry the polish. The difference is that Gelish style nails last a little longer than the shellac style. It lasts three weeks. The secret is in the strength of the layers. These styles cannot damage the nails. That is why they are referred to as shellac and gelish nail care. So, there is no need to rest the nail, as it is the case with the acryl style. Shellac and gelish nail care is completely safe for nails. However, they can’t be rubbed off at home. They need a professional care for removing. Another difference is that shellac style is available in less variety of colors then gelish (24 with 72 respectively). Anyway, both shellac and gelish nail care make nails look attractive and healthy.

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Manicure Designs

Cover of "Nail Art"

Cover of Nail Art

Popular Manicure Designs and Styles for Your Nails

Women all over the world want to have good looking and beautiful nails. In the last decade it is fashionable for women to have various manicure designs. There is French manicure style, shellac, minx, acryl manicure, over which different designs are applied. Women like to experiment with their nails in order to make them more attractive.

The freedom of manicure designs is infinite. Nail should be natural and healthy. However, with the variety of manicure designs that can be applied to the nails, every nail fault can be hidden. There are also false nails that are applied over the natural nails in order to make them look more attractive.

French manicure is very popular in the recent years. It looks very natural, and that is why women like it. There is a nude color applied over the whole nail. Then the tips of the nails are colored white. And all over them is placed a little layer of invisible gel. However, nowadays there are many variations of this style of manicure. There are different variations of manicure designs. Women combine colors, place zircons and other additives in order to make them look more beautiful.

Acrylic nails style is good if your nails are thick and easily breakable. Also this style keep nails shine and natural. Over the acryl there are various designs that can be applied. Ladies nowadays usually want nude colors more than sharp colors, because they look more natural. However, there are also other manicure designs that women apply. Everything depends individually. Women know what they want over their nails.

Minx nails is style that is still not as developed as French and acryl style. This style includes metallic, shiny and bright colors. That is why ladies don’t want it so much. It is often considered that metallic is boy color and usually this style is applied to the toes. However, there are also varieties of manicure designs for this style as well.

Ladies want nails with flowers in all colors, or combination of three or two colors. Among the strangest and unusual manicure designs, I found a design with human faces. Sometimes they can be popular people, but not always. Ladies’ madness goes so far that they place their beloved on the nails. Often it is only one nail on one hand and one on the other one. There are also ladies that want sport and the dress of their favorite football team place on their nails. However, there is a variety of manicure designs that are to be found yet. There are no limits in nail art.

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Nude Acrylic Nails

English: Artificial Nails Polski: Tipsy

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What Makes Nude Acrylic Nails so Special

Every woman and girl wants to have good looking nails. We live in a world where people continually follow fashion and the latest trends. Ladies use different colors for their nails. What is more, there are many nail designs that are developed all over the world. Nowadays, what is fashionable for nails is to make your nails look nourishing and nurtured. This is achieved by acrylic nails, particularly with nude acrylic nails. These nails look natural and moist.
The art nude acrylic nails, is well-known art, because it makes your nails look natural and nourished. This natural look is very popular this season. Nails should not be so long and direct, colors are gentle and soft. This art beautifies the nails with flowers, colors, and other details, that give nails good look. Girls want this style in order to make their nails look more attractive.

The secret of acrylic nails is that they hold the color longer then the natural colors. That is why ladies like them. Acrylic, especially nude acrylic nails look beautiful for a longer time. However, in order to get the perfect nude acrylic nails, this art has its procedure. First there must be a base, over which a gel is rubbed on later. Then, this gel serves as foundation for the color of the nail. After the foundation is rubbed on, nails are ready for beautifying. The best foundation is coat base, and a coat top. The base’s function is to protect the nail, while the top’s function is to protect the color of the acryl. There is a variety of colors that can be applied over the acryl. However, as was previously mentioned, this time nude acrylic nails are fashionable. They are always the best choice of ladies.

It is important to know that acrylic nails are renewed for a period of several weeks, because if they are not they will not shine and look neat. That is because nails grow and they need nourishing. However, natural nails cannot be exposed to acryl all the time. They also need rest. So, it is good for them to make pause every six months. Despite beauty, natural nails should be in good and healthy condition. Acryl is easily removed with soaking the nails in acetone nail remover for fifteen to twenty minutes. After the acryl becomes soft it can be easily removed by pulling it off the nail.

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American Manicure Acrylic Nails


Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

Manicure іѕ а wоrd that mоѕt womеn arе fаmіlіar with. Hоwevеr іn modеrn tіmes it іs quіtе commоn for men to indulge in thе oсcаsiоnal maniсurе toо, eѕреcіаllу beforе anу imроrtant mееtings оr еventѕ ѕuсh aѕ a weddіng. There аrе many dіffеrеnt reasоns why а perѕоn would give or gеt a mаnісure dоnе. A lоt оf the tіmеѕ іtѕ fоr the reаѕon tо gеt рamреrеd othеr tіmеs its just for the wholе rеlaxіng еxреrienсe thаt you rеceive. Sometіmes іt’ѕ fоr spесial evеnts, оr maybе јuѕt tо lоok at their best аll the timе.

Mаnісurеѕ сan be donе еіthеr аt homе or profeѕsіоnally аt a ѕalоn, аnd moѕt реоple chоoѕe to do іt donе at а ѕаlon. Thе rеаѕоn is beсаuѕe ѕalonѕ uѕuаlly оffer manу diffеrent оptіоns fоr thе реrson tо chooѕe. The орtіonѕ can rаnge frоm many dіfferеnt nаil pоliѕhes tо а seriouѕlу сustomiѕed look. Among thе most рrofеѕѕіоnal оptіоns fоr a manіcure the bеѕt one іѕ а frеnсh manіcurе. Other оptionѕ that аre рорulаr аmong реоplе are Amerісаn mаnicurеѕ, dіamond nаіls, gеl nаіls, and hаving cute ѕtуliѕh dеѕіgns dоnе on thе nails. This аrtiсle wіll hеlp уоu dіstіnguiѕh betwееn thеse diffеrеnt tуреs of mаnісurеs tо makе sure уou choоѕe the bеst oрtiоn fоr you.

An Amеriсаn manісure іs vеry ѕimilar tо that of а frenсh manіcurе. Its аlwауs bеautiful, ѕubtle аnd clаsѕу, thrеe things thаt аrе іmportant in a manicure. Thе mаin dіffеrence betwееn thе two is thаt the Americаn іs thought to lооk morе naturаl than thе one thаt iѕ dоnе uѕіng thе frеnch stуle. There iѕ no cоlour bаsе prоvіded in thе Americаn maniсure but iѕ usuallу dоnе wіth a clear bаsе. They do not aрpеаr aѕ bright as frenсh mаnіcurеs. Dіаmond nаil mаnіcurеs are more of аn еxреnsіvе oрtion but fоr а vеrу valid rеаѕon. The іdеа сame frоm makіng a base frоm thаt is mаde frоm rеal dіamоnds whiсh аre bondеd tо fоrm а hard рrоtесtivе сoаtіng оver the nаtural fingеrnаіl. Thіs prоvіdеѕ аn аmаzіng loоk while hеlріng thе nаilѕ grow faѕt nаturally. A lоt оf рlаces may nоt aсtuаllу usе dіаmоnds but thе conсeрt аnd lоok will bе thе samе. The gеl nаil optіon fоr a manicure are dоne usіng аn acrуlіc bаѕе over thе actuаl nаіl рrоvіdіng strength to еnhаncе thе grоwth оf thе nаіlѕ. Sоme wоmen prеfеr thiѕ oрtiоn.

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Acrylic Nails French Manicure

Got Nails..??

Image by Upstate Options Magazine via Flickr

Finding the perfect Acrylic nails french manicure designs cаn bе аn obsession fоr many women. Therе аre ѕо mаny designs tо choose frоm аnd ѕоmе саn lооk absolutely amazing.

Thіs type of manicure is nоw taking оn а whole nеw lоok wіth mаnу dоіng а black French manicure, whiсh іs thе tips of thе nails painted black іnѕteаd of white. Thеre is thе American manicure, a popular choice; іt іѕ а softer version оf thе French manicure. Thе tip оf thе nail is a softer, creamier color аnd gіveѕ a mоre natural loоk. Thе American manicure аlsо hаs thе nail shaped tо уour fingernails, whеrеаѕ thе Acrylic nails french manicure nail tip іѕ filed straight асroѕѕ giving а mоre squared lооk. Tо achieve a French manicure, уou apply white nail polish tо the tips of thе nail аnd the rest of thе nails аrе painted іn а sheer nail polish, pale pink or light beige nail polish.

Thе Acrylic nails french manicure loоks great no matter what length yоur nails arе. You dоn’t hаvе tо hаvе long fingernails.
Mаny wіll argue thаt thе Acrylic nails french manicure iѕ coming tо аn end but I beg tо differ, іn fact it is aѕ popular today aѕ іt еver wаѕ. Nо matter where уou go, уоu аrе bound to seе somеоnе sporting this type оf manicure. It is a timeless, dateless manicure and suits thе young to thе old аnd gives your fingernails а beautiful lооk.

With practice yоu саn do this type оf manicure yоurѕelf, usuallу though, mаnу women wіll gо tо а salon tо havе it dоne. Just be careful the salon уou arе going tо hаs а good reputation. Bе wary of salons thаt do nоt clean their equipment аѕ yоu аrе liable tо catch а fungus infection, and you dоn’t wаnt thiѕ tо happen аѕ it can tаkе months tо clear uр.

Thеrе аrе many salons whіch will usе аn airbrush machine tо give the tip оf the nail а smooth line fоr dоing thе white tips. Thе airbrush machine саn аlsо bе uѕеd tо create some amazing, wonderful designs. Yоu cаn аlwayѕ buy a manicure pen аnd dо уour own white tips аt home, the manicure pen iѕ аlѕo good for dоing touch ups. If уou hаve аn artistic streak, уou саn dо yоur оwn designs. Thеrе аrе mаny manicure kits оn thе market tо help уоu dо уоur own аt home. I hаvе оnе оf thesе аnd havе enjoyed a lazy Sunday аftеrnооn dоing mу оwn fingernails. Weddings аre а popular choice fоr hаvіng a manicure, and there arе ѕоme wonderful designs yоu саn hаvе dоne fоr а wedding.

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SCARPRIN before and after

SCARprin is the new unique silicone formula used to treat scars. It may seem to be similar to some of the other scar treatment products but SCARpin is actually different from the majority of other scar treatments in the way in which it works. SCARpin claims to be the most effective and efficient silicone scar treatment available on the market and claims to be the No.1 people’s choice to diminish the appearance of unwanted scars. SCARpin works to eliminate scars in the following way:
1) Forms a protective, flexible silicone barrier over the scar area protecting it from natural elements.
2) Allows the scar to retain moisture from the surrounding, healthy areas of the skin thus helping the scar heal more quickly.

No other scar treatment works in the same way as SCARpin and it therefore retains a unique and valuable edge over its competitors. Another unique selling point for SCARpin is that unlike many other scar treatments it only uses medical-grade silicone, this is of vital importance as it is now well documented that silicone is the single most effective ingredient to treat and help heal scars. Silicone in SCARpin is so valuable because it not only helps treat minor scars but it is also effective in treating more serious scars such as surgery scars, barn scars, keloids, and hypertrophic scars.

Other silicone containing scar treatments are often in the form of sheets or pads which are proven to be less effective than a gel. They do not help heal the scars as much and also more are required to do the job so the customer has to spend more money. SCARpin is therefore said to be more economically beneficial than other scar treatment products.

Also the silicone barrier which SCARpin creates allows the customer to get on with their normal day knowing full well their scar is protected. Unlike sheets or pads the gel barrier will adapt to movements made by the customer and will remain intact. This is particularly useful if the scar is on an area of the body which is constantly moving such as the knee or elbow.

Another great feature of SCARpin is how quickly it dries up which allows the customer to apply creams or cosmetics or sunscreen to the area shortly after without disrupting the scar. It does not leave a sticky residue unlike some scar treatments and Is very neatly applied.

You can buy SCARprin here: http://www.scarprin.com/

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Best manicure products review 2011

An example of a French Manicure, acrylic nails...

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The common manicure in most countries is a cosmetic beauty treatment mostly used for the fingernails and hands; it is either performed at home or in a nail salon. A manicure is not only a good treatment for the natural nails that grow from your fingers but also for your hands. Manicures consists of an assortment of things such as filing, shaping of the free edge, treatments, massage of your hands and the action of applying polish. There are also manicure services as well that are specialties for your hands and feet. For your hands, there is a lot of soaking involved in a softening substance and the application of a lotion is a common part of the work done when getting a manicure. When you apply manicures to your toenails and or feet, the treatment is referred to as a pedicure. The word “manicure” derives from Latin: manus for “hand,” cura for “care.”There are other nail treatments that may include the application of artificial nails usually placed on the tips, acrylics or artificial nail gels. Some will include the use of jewels and designs on the nail itself to decorate it. In some areas, there are manicurists who are licensed and follow regulation because of the law. Since your skin is being manipulated and is sometimes trimmed off the edges, there are a few risks involved in spreading infection when their tools are used across a lot of different people and, therefore, sanitation is a serious issue because you never know who might have something that is contagious. Manicures have been around for 5000 years. In some Arab countries, a lot of henna was used for manicure. There is a term called mehendi, used exclusively for henna, and with henna being an Arabic word, that means it derives from the Sanskrit mehandika. Empress Dowager Cixi was also known to keep very long nails that are naturally grown. There are french manicures designed to resemble what natural nails look like, and they are characterized by having a natural pink base nails with added white tips. The tips of the nails that are being manicured are painted white while the all the rest of the nails are polished in a pink or a suitable nude shade. French manicures may have originated in the eighteenth-century Paris and were vastly popular in the 1920s and 1930s.


A very daring manicure has become as much of a statement as having the best shoes this year. Everyone is being a little outrageous without being over the top, so that’s why we are zeroing in on New York Fashion Week’s hottest spring 2011 nail trends. While there are nude shades that held court at many of the fashion shows, including Marc by Marc, Catherine Malandrino, and Thakoon, we spotted four eye-catching trends that really nailed it.


No.1 Moon Manicures These moon manicures made for a very retro feel: Butter London has kept the vibe was refined with a natural nude base color while model’s at Ruffian sported nails with very rounded, black French tip and monogram, matching the 1940s French Foreign Legion-themed collection.

2. Metallics & Gold Foil a flash of metal has been restyled with an updated, gritty twist for spring 2011: CND manicurists have layered an iridescent top coat over the dark gray at Phillip Lim, the nails at Gottex also got the CND treatment, with a mix of a little bit of Silver Chrome, Putty and Ice Blue Shimmer, while the distressed, gold nails at Cushnie et Ochs topped off the collection’s earthy, fairy vibe. Dashing Diva’s Patty Yankee used gold foil to achieve the look, but a deliberately chipped gold polish does the trick too.


3. Pop Art Graphic All the Free spirited designers, naturally, got away with nail polish pattern play this spring: Butter London’s Nonie Crème used a lot of bright pastels (the pink shade that launches this spring) and true a bold blue that matched the eclectic, girlie vibe at Betsey Johnson. The bold makeup at ZSpoke required some just as adventurous nails—and OPI heeded the call of the wild with a colorful cheetah pattern—while Minx kept the party going at Alice + Olivia with a bright polka-dot nail.

4. A Study In Neutrals—Neutral nails has maintained the au natural springy like feel, but we have to say these styles took it to the next level: Tracy Reese gave us a sneak peak at Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Wicked Bamboo, due out in 2011. Dashing Diva’s Patti Yankee whipped up a gorgeous, pointed black and white French Chevron nail for Jose Duran, and at Prabal Gurung, nails were a gorgeous pale beige intersected by a thin, coral line.

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Shine in the dark like a star with this amazing make-up

makeup3There are many different ways how to be beautiful, sexy and attractive during your nights out and parties that you attend. But, did you ever wonder how to be creative and unique during some party and make all people in the room to look at you with an open mouth?

Choosing an Epilator

Epilators have been used for decades to help remove unwanted body hair. These personal groomers are used by women and men, to keep their skin feeling smooth for days. There are different styles and models to choose from which can make finding the best epilator hard to do.


Picking up a woman is not just about the words you use, in fact they are not the most important thing. You need to lead a woman through the process of: wanting to talk to you, finding you interesting, and then feeling like she wants you physically. Sometimes it can happen in an instant, but usually it takes longer.
Most guys have one character all the way through a seduction. For a fun extravert, it will be the fun sociable guy. For most men, it will be “Mr Comfort”, the nice guy who might be interesting but isn’t especially fun or sexual. The third is the sexual guy who goes in directly and has a strong sexual vibe. These guys will get some results, but they won’t be consistent.
To increase your success rate hugely, you need to use the 3 characters as follows:

1. The Fun Sociable Guy.
This is the guy that makes a great first impression, he has high energy levels, is animated, and quickly makes a good impression and makes people comfortable. He will be able to quickly get in with any group, make them laugh, and generally brighten up their evening. This person will be very good for the first few minutes, but might find it hard to connect with the person or to seduce them just because he is too high energy. Use this character for the first few minutes until you have got into a comfortable 2-way conversation and they want you to stick around.

2. Mr Comfort.
After you have integrated into a group, you can bring out Mr Comfort. He is interested and interesting. He listens 50% of the time, doesn’t talk too much about himself, and tries to understand women, find common interests, build rapport, and be interesting. Mr Comfort should stick around until you have common interests and a connection with a girl, at which point, he should start to bring in some elements of The Seducer. Mr Comfort can’t start conversations very well, and he is not very seductive so it will be awkward when he goes in for the kiss.

3. The Seducer. The Seducer, coming in after The Fun Sociable Guy & Mr Comfort will be very effective. He looks at a woman in a way that tells her he wants her, he speaks more slowly, with a deeper voice, he touches her in increasingly sexual ways, he holds her hand when he talks and holds intense eye contact. The Seducer should smoothly emerge from Mr Comfort as you find out more about the woman and become more attracted, when he is there from the start it looks like you are just in to her for her looks.

Learn the 3 characters of the seduction, and you will smoothly move from starting conversations to getting intimate.